Where do graduates of the department work?

  • research centers, design bureaus, enterprises, factories and companies (including foreign);
  • commercial enterprises, institutions and trade firms in the computer and information field including foreign ones;
Our students even during their studies start their own projects and work in leading companies in Germany, Great Britain, USA, Japan, etc. We learn to quickly adapt to the requirements of modern rapid technical progress and constantly develop, we give direction. Choose the right way!

In Ukraine, graduates of the department of computer-integrated optical and navigation systems are already working in:

JSC "АNTONOV"JSC "LUCH" LLC "ProgressTech-Ukraine"
JSC "ARSENAL"DSC "FOTOPRILAD" National Center of Metrology and Standartization
National Space Agency of UkraineInstitute of physics of NAS of Ukraine JSC "AVIATION AND ROCKET TECHNOLOGY MANUFACTURE"
LLC "Materialise Ukraine"LLC "Melexis Ukraine" LLC "Global Logic Ukraine"
LLC "SoftTronic Ukraine"LLC "Luxoft Ukraine" DSC DTEK
LLC "Girotech"DSC "Progress" DSC "Scaner"