WARNING! Important information for entrants!

At I course
Bachelor in specialty Automation and computer-integrated technologies

On the V course
Master of Educational Program "Computer-Integrated Systems and Technologies in Instrument Making"


Are you interested in computer technology? Do you want to master the most interesting areas of electronics and microprocessor technology? Have you long dreamed of creating projects using micromechanics on a modern element base? At the Department of Devices and orientation and navigation systems you can learn everything and even more. You will get acquainted with the programs for developing electronic circuits (MicroCap, Eagle CAD), device design (SolidWorks, AutoCAD, CorelDraw), Web design and programming basics. The profound knowledge of C ++, Java, MatLab and comprehensive engineering training give our graduates the opportunity to work in the field of IT technologies and the creation of modern technical projects. A great material and technical base allows you to perfect the acquired skills on real devices and systems.


Want to know how computer games are created? Knowledge in targeting and navigation is successfully used to create software for computer games and virtual reality. \ N "; Our students are starting their own projects and receive invitations from leading companies in Germany, UK, USA and Ukrainian enterprises (KP SPB Arsenal , ANTK Antonov, Plant named after Artem, etc.) and private companies. We learn to quickly adapt to the requirements of modern rapid technological progress and to constantly develop, we give direction. Choose the right path! \n ";