Information and measuring complex for monitoring the dynamics of objects. Read more ...

Information-measuring complex of equipment "Spectrum-04" is developed on the chair of devices and systems of orientation and navigation of the National Technical University "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute". "Spectrum-04" is a new generation of information-measuring complex IUP-2M, which successfully carried out measurements at the "Shelter" facility at the Chornobyl NPP, the Great Livadia Palace (Yalta) and others. х об'єктах.


Spine Meter (Curve Meter). Read more ...

APPLICATION: Used to measure the profile of the spine with respect to the vertical in the frontal and sagittal planes. It also allows you to measure the angles of rotation of the elements of the extremities relative to the vertical (goniometry mode). Curvimeter is a non-invasive, radiation-free system for monitoring the physical characteristics of the vertebral column in the sagittal and frontal plane (height and radius of lordosis / kyphosis, distortion values for scoliosis, spinal deformation, etc.).


Intelligent Flight Information Processing System. Read more ...

A system is implemented that provides analysis of the parameters and characteristics of the flight information of the channels of rotational speed, vibration measurement, temperature, fuel consumption, and recording channel for all on-board negotiations for 10 hours. Recording is performed on solid state carriers.


Micromechanical Gyrocompass.

Areas of application:

  • maritime and river shipping;
  • cruisers and yachts
  • autonomous underwater robotic complexes;
  • Shipbuilding.

    Directions of research             


Space vehicle control systems
            1. Designing precision digital orientation control systems             spacecraft
            2. Development of new algorithms for controlling the orientation of space             apparatuses
            3. Mathematical modeling of control systems for the disclosure of multilevels             structures of spacecraft
            4. Methods and means of processing information recorded on board             spacecraft
            5. Development of systems for registration of movement of elements of complex orbital             designs


Development of algorithmic means of increase             accuracy and reliability of the information on the position of the moving object,             coming from primary meters, as well as improving the quality             automatic motion control of the moving object


Digital adaptive tracking systems and systems             Stabilization
            Development of systems of stabilization and tracking of various measuring devices             facilities of mobile objects, in the conditions:

  • spatial angular and linear                 Moving a Measuring Tool,
  • spatial duck base.

    As stabilizing measuring instruments             radar posts, optical instruments, etc. can act.             Movable objects - ships, various armored vehicles, cars,             aircraft, etc.


    Computer simulators of dynamic systems
                Development of dynamic simulators based on the use of the latest             computer graphics technology designed for simulation             Real time simulation of digital stabilization systems,             tracking and control, installed (installed) on various             movable objects.


    Registration and processing of vibrational signals.
                Used for measurements of the vibrational background of buildings, structures             and installation sites for precision equipment.


    Development of systems and means of vibration isolation             As vibroisoliruemyh objects can act:

    • precision equipment for spacecraft
    • ground precision equipment, in particular               the technological equipment used in the electronic industry.