History of the department

In the late 50's and early 60's, the intensive development of aviation, rocket and space technology and shipbuilding in the USSR determined the need for the development and production of various means (devices) of orientation and navigation, navigation complexes and control systems for mobile objects. In the corresponding programs and projects, the enterprises of the USSR also took an active part. In turn, this required the availability of appropriate staffing. In this regard, in 1960, in response to the initiative and the request of the leading instrument-making enterprises of Ukraine and the city of Kyiv (the automation plant of G. I. Petrovsky, the plant "Arsenal", etc.) in 1960 the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR to the Kiev Polytechnic Institute (KPI) was the training of engineers from a new, as for Ukraine at that time, specialty "gyroscopic devices and devices" was entrusted to D.Sc., prof. Nikitin E.O.


In accordance with this decision, the Ministry of Higher and Specialized Education of the UkrSSR, in February 1960, initiated the training of students in the new specialty in the KPI. For this purpose, students from the mechanical, electrical, film engineer and radio engineering faculties who have expressed a desire to acquire a new specialty were formed in one group for each course, starting from the first to the fourth. The first issue of electromechanical engineers specializing in "gyroscopic devices and devices" took place in December 1961.


At the same time in the KPI a department of gyroscopic devices and devices (GPP) was established, which was a part of the mechanical faculty. The first staff of the department were: teacher Kudryavtsev VV (formerly a teacher of the Riga Higher Military Aviation Engineering College (RVVAIU)), lecturer Rumbestash V.O. (formerly a teacher of the Kazan Aviation Institute), head. laboratory Gorkovchuk Yu.I., art. laboratory assistant Dubinets IP, educational master Bessonov MV Since 1961, for the educational process of the chair of the GPP has answered the Candidate of Technical Sciences Filippov IG (in the past, the teacher of the Rivne Institute). The educational process involved specialists from other higher educational institutions: a professor of the Moscow Higher Technical School them. M. Baumana doctor of sciences Nikitin E.O. and Associate Professor of Kyiv Higher Engineering Aviation Military School (KVIAVU) Ph.D. Babenko V.K.T.N., Associate Professor Yu. B. B.B.


Since 1962, associate professors have started working at the department. Yufimovich B. B. (in the past assistant professor of the Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute) and Ph.D. Odintsov A.O. (in the past assistant professor of the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute). Since October 1962, associate professor Odintsov A.O. was appointed head of the department. With the support and assistance of the enterprises since 1962, the first educational laboratory of gyroscopic and navigational devices began to function at the department. At the end of 1962, the Faculty of Mechanics and Applied Sciences was created on the basis of the Department of GAP and the Department of Precision Mechanics in the KPI.


Since 1963, the scientific and pedagogical staff of the department has been replenished by its own graduates, the first of whom were Bublyk G.F., Dzhoklo VA, Pavlovsky M.A. In the same year, the R & D department (the VAT) (which included teachers and post-graduate students) started working on the department, which started the first research and development work. At the same time, the department organized postgraduate studies. The first graduate students were Pavlovsky MA, Ryabikin SL, Bublyk G.F. At the same time, the first original curriculum was formed, the main special disciplines of which were: "The theory of gyroscopes", "Theory and calculation of gyroscopic devices and devices," "Control systems of moving objects", "Elements of gyroscopic devices", "Navigational devices". As a result, already in 1965 the first lecture notes, educational and methodical manuals on basic disciplines came out in the efforts of the department. So until 1966, the process of becoming a department was largely completed.


Employees of the department of the GPP, 1966.

From left to right 1st row: teach. master Bessonov MV, head. Department of Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Odintsov AO, lab-bn Bolshakova O.F., lab-nt Zhuk NV, Ph.D. Ostrovsky V.O., graduate student Pavlovsky M.A. 2nd row: ac. Vdovin Ye.I., teacher. Master Storozh MI, Head. lab Lazarenko KO, Ass. Bondar P. M., Ass. Eugenev VS, Ass. Djoklo V.A. 3rd row: Art. off Kudryavtsev VV, postgraduate student Bublik GF, post-graduate student Ryabikin SL, Ass. Lazarev Yu.F.


Subsequently, the department was always in a state of development and improvement. The curriculum is constantly changing by modernizing those disciplines that reflect the current state of development of gyroscopic technology. So, there are several specialized training laboratories. Ac Alekseenko K.G., ass. Bublyk G.F., Ph.D. Filippov IG, 1967Start work on the formation of the teaching staff. In 1966, the composition of the department is again replenished by its own graduates: Bondar PM, Vdovinym Ye.I. (now associate professor of the linguistic faculty of the National Technical University of Ukraine (NTUU) "KPI"), Evgenievym VS (now associate professor of the Department of Theoretical Mechanics NTUU "KPI"). The same year, the post of assistant began to work and a graduate of the department in 1963 Lazarev Yu.F. The involvement of experienced specialists in the scientific and pedagogical process continued. Thus, during the years 1966-68, the former lecturer of KVBIAU worked as an assistant of the department K. K. Alekseyenko. And in 1967 from the research institutes of the city of Leningrad, the candidate of technical sciences came to the department. Samotokin B. B. (now the rector of the Zhytomyr Engineering and Technology Institute) and Ph.D., Ph.D. Belyanin Ye.E.


In 1968, the cathedral VAT was established with a warehouse. Its first employees were engineers Zhukovsky Yu.G. and Fomenko V.N. Since 1971, the extensive VAT increase has begun: graduates of the department - engineers: Didkovsky VS, Karachun VV, Kolosov VM, Popov VM, Stepankovsky Yu.V., Taurit T.G. Fedorchenko O.F., Sheller B.O. (1971); Apostolyuk O.S. (1972); Kunderevich Ye.K., Petrenko VE, Fedorov VM, Rudik Yu.M. (1975); Zbrutsky O.V., Slyusar V.M. (1976). Thus, the process of forming the scientific and pedagogical staff of the department was, basically, completed.    The department gets the opportunity to carry out planned educational, methodological and research work, concentrating the main efforts in the direction of large-scale educational and methodological developments. At the same time, the department actively cooperates with enterprises of the city of Kiev and other cities of the USSR in conducting joint research and training of specialists in higher qualifications for industry. To participate in the research work students of the Department are widely involved in gyroscopy students in practice in the city of Odessa.


In order to ensure effective and high-quality work of students, since 1965, systematic work on the creation of lecture notes, educational and methodological aids is conducted at the department. So, in 1976, the staff of the department was prepared to publish more than 30 teaching aids with a total volume of about 180 printed sheets. Thus, the department provided most of the special educational disciplines with the necessary minimum of educational literature. From that time, the process of improving the existing educational methodical literature and creating lecture notes from all disciplines taught by the department is being established.      During the same period, the main directions of scientific research began to be formed and formed:     increase of accuracy of induction sensor of the course and systems of inclining;     increasing the accuracy of gyroscopic and pendulum devices based on the principle of "dual-channel";     analysis of causes of errors of gyroscopic devices, research of various dependencies of errors on instrument parameters and perturbations, and development of recommendations for minimization of errors;     development of methods and means of vibration protection of gyroscopic devices.


Improvement of professional level, by executing to the order of the industry of scientific and technical research, begins to give first results. The first employees and graduate students of the department get the first scientific degree - a candidate of sciences, after years: Pavlovsky M.A. (1967), Ryabikin SL (1968), Bublyk G.F. (1969), Staff of the Department at the Scientific Seminar. Kudryavtsev VV (1969), Dzhoklo V.A. (1971), Lazarev Yu.F. (1971), Vdovin Ye.I. (1974), Bondar P.M. (1975), Yevgenyev VS (1975), Meleshko V.V. (1975). New scientific schools began to be formed.    In 1976, the head of the department Odintsov AO, as the head of the scientific school for improving the accuracy of devices and orientation systems, using the gyroscopic effect and the magnetic and gravitational fields of the Earth, defended his doctoral dissertation. Continue with colleagues to effectively carry out scientific research works and heads of scientific areas of associate professors: Pavlovsky M.A. and Samotokin B. B. Employees of VAT engineers Didkovsky V.С. (now the head of the department of acoustics and acoustoelectronics NTUU "KPI") and Karachun VV (now the head of the department of technical mechanics NTUU "KPI") in 1976 defended his Ph.D. thesis. In the same year, the department issued the first textbook approved by the Ministry of Education: "Theory of gyroscopes and gyroscopic instruments. Practice" (authors: Odintsov AO, Pavlovsky MA, Bublyk G.F., Evgenyev V.С. , Bondar P.M.).


As a result of the implementation of scientific research and development, the department until 1976 developed and implemented, over the years: complexes for the study of the dynamics of towed and demountable hydroacoustic stations (1968); two-phase induction sensor (1970); gido dempfer for amateur movie cameras (1975). The scientific and pedagogical staff of the department gained experience and certain recognition. Employees of the department at a scientific conference. In 1977, the doctoral dissertation was defended by associate professor Pavlovsky M. A. and he was invited to head the Department of Theoretical Mechanics KPI. So by September 1 of the same year Dr. Sci. Pavlovsky MA with a group of scientists (Apostolyuk OS, Didkovsky VS, O. Zbrutsky (now Head of the Department of Instrumentation and Control Systems of NTUU "KPI"), Petrenko V.E., Sheller B.O.) went to the department of theoretical mechanics. Subsequently, in 1978 Doctor of Technical Sciences became an assistant professor Samotokin B. B. He was invited to head the Zhytomyr branch of the KPI. As a result, before September 1, 1978, the department remained without a doctor's degree. Samotokin B. B.    Despite some personnel relief, the department with a new energy is taken to improve its own educational, methodological and scientific and technical potential. The graduates of different years continue to replenish the VAT of the department: Liakhin V.V. (1977); Korolev O.V., Larionchik V.M., Mironenko P.S. (1978); Orlov VO, Kharkiv MV (1979); Koval V.I., Stepanov V.A. (1980); Burura NI, Tsitsarzh V.V., Sharov S.A. (1981); Petrichenko AM (1982). In 1983, the department of the GPP was renamed into the Department of Instruments and Orientation and Navigation Systems (PSO).


From left to right 1st row: Ph.D., Assoc. Lazarev Yu.F., Ass. Stepankovsky Yu.V., head of the department., D.Sc., prof. Odintsov A.O. , Ph.D. Meleshko VV, Ph.D., Assoc. Kudryavtsev VV, Ph.D., Assoc. Vdovin Ye.I., M.Sc. Fedorov VM 2nd row: Ing. Korolev OV, Ing. Kharkiv M.V., Ing. Larionchik VM, mn.s. Ryzhkova SA, educator Master Fedorchenko, Ing. Popov V.M., Head of the Laboratory. Zhukovsky Yu.G., art. ing Kudin I.I., Ing. Orlov VO, art. ing Mironenko P.S., ass. Fomin, Ing. Slyusar V.М. 3 rd: master's degree Lazarenko KG, master's teacher Storozh MI, Ing. Balanchuk N.V., Prep. Orel N., Tech. Zaichenko L., Ing. Lyakhin VV


Experienced faculty spends much work work to create books, textbooks and other instructional materials. In particular, in 1985, the employee of the studio named. Dovzhenko shows hirodempfera work for professional cameras "Konvas" was published textbook Odintsov AA "Theory and calculation of devices gyroscopic" in 1986 - a textbook Samotokin BB, Meleshko VV, UV Stepankovskoho "Navigation devices and systems". The material and technical base of the department is being improved, the search for new directions of scientific and technical research continues. During this period, were developed and implemented: hirodempfer for professional cameras "Konvas" (1979); active vibration protection systems for land gyrocompasses (1982); the orientation system of the towed side roller sonar (1986). Employees of VAT defend their candidate's theses: Ing. Kolosov VM (1978); ing Stepankovsky Yu.V. (1979); mn.s. Popov VM (1982); s.n.s. Fedorov VM (1983); mn.s. Lyakhin VV (1984); mn.s. Mironenko P.S. (1985); s.n.s. Zhukovsky Yu.G., Senior Scientist Kunderevich Ye.K. (1986). There is a normal creative process of improving the professional level of the scientific and pedagogical staff of the department, the educational process and scientific research.


In 1988, this improvement has acquired new, modern features. The time has come to computerize the educational and scientific process. New forces are emerging in NDS - graduates of the following years: Lysenko O.M. (1980); Ivanov Yu.E. (1989); Budnik IA, Zgurovsky G. M. (1990); Berezin Yu.A. (1993). Leading specialists from the industry and research institutes of Kyiv are invited to lead the educational process - Doctors of technical sciences Gelman L.M. (1990), Panov AP (1997), Petrenko S.F. (1998). In 1987-94 years at the department worked and experienced industrial specialist D.Sc., prof. Dual Ye.V. A number of NTS staff are candidates for technical sciences: Ms. Orlov V.O., M.Sc. Stepanov VA (1988); ns Sharov SA (1989); mn.s. Burura NI, Senior Researcher Lysenko O.M. (1991); mn.s. Kharkiv M.V. (1993); mn.s. Budnik IA, mn.s. Zgurovsky GM, M.Sc. Ivanov Yu.E. (1995). In 1996, the head of the department was Bublyk G.F. obtains a doctorate degree.


With the help of computer technology is preparing lecture notes, manuals, textbooks. So in 1997, the publication approved by the Ministry of National Education of Ukraine, a manual Bublyka G.F. "Physical Processes in Devices and Systems". The department continues scientific research in many areas, among which:

  • development of the newest magnetic-sensitive elements;
  • development of vibration protection gyroscopic means devices;
  • creation of free-form inertial systems orientation and navigation;
  • creation of algorithms for processing navigation information;
  • development of space flight control systems apparatuses;
  • development of equipment and computerized complexes technical and medical diagnostics.

According to the results of these researches were developed and introduced: systems of orientation of demolition hydrophysical and hydroacoustic stations (1988-93); magnetic-inertial free-form orientation system (1990); the system of orientation of towed side-marker sonar (1990); remote two-coordinate measure of deviations from the vertical (1994); automated screening-audiometer of group use (1995); automated diagnostic high-frequency audiometer (1996); automated acoustic ear impedance meter (1996); Magnetic ship compass (1998); the human curve curvature meter (2002). Since 01.03.2003 the department is headed by Bondar P.M.

Staff members of the Department of Psychology, 1998.

From left to right Ph.D., Sen. Popov VM, Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. Gelman LM, Ph.D., Assoc. Meleshko V.V., Ph.D. Tarnavsky SV, Ph.D., Assoc. Bondar P.M., Ph.D., Assoc. Lazarev Yu.F., Ph.D., Assoc. Mironenko P.S., head of the department, doctor of technical sciences, prof. Bublyk G.F., Ing. Petrichenko AM, head of laboratory. Filin V.O., Ph.D. Tsitsarzh VV, Ph.D., Assoc. Grechka G.P., Ph.D., Assoc. Stepankovsky Yu.V., asp. Tsukanov O.F., Ing. Balanchuk N.V., Ph.D., Ph.D. Zhukovsky Yu.G., Ph.D., Assoc. Burau N.I., Ph.D., prof. Panov AP, asp. Churakova NI, head of laboratory. PBF Korsakov VO

Academic Plaza

In 2005 published a training course Yu.F. Lazareva "Modeling of Processes and Systems in Matlab". In 2006, a laboratory workshop with a stamp of the Methodological Council of NTUU "KPI" - "Modeling of Systems in the Matlab-Simulink Environment" - was published by MD Heraimchuk, Yu.F. Lazarev and T.O. Tolochko In 2006, the Department defended Ph.D. theses by postgraduate Melashchenko O.M. and two doctoral dissertations - associate professor, Ph.D. Burau Nadia Ivanovna and s.n.s. Lysenko Alexander Nikolaevich. Recruited for post positions as assistant of the department after graduation post graduate Bacalor T.O. and Melashchenko O. M., and to the position of associate professor of the department - Ph.D. Avrutov Vadim Viktorovich. In 2005, a complete modernization of the computer class was carried out. Two educational computer classes were created. Since 2006, the department has been headed by Dr.Sc. Burau N.I. In 2006, after graduating from the postgraduate studies at the department, I started working as an assistant professor Sopilka Yu.V., and from 2009 in the direction - assistant Pavlovsky O.M. Three candidate dissertations were defended: search engineer Yatsko L.L. in 2008, graduate student Avrutova I.V. - also in 2008 and postgraduate student Zazhitsky O.V. Teachers of the Department continue to intensively develop and publish manuals and monographs:    - Yu.F. Lazarev "Simulation on a computer" / A manual with a stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. - K .: Korniychuk, 2007. - 290 pp.    - AA Odintsov, VV Meleshko, S.A. Layers "Orientation of objects in the magnetic field of the Earth". - K .: Korniychuk, 2008. - 152 pp.    - V.V. Avrutov, P.M. Bondar, VV Meleshko "Microaccessometers and their testing". - K .: Korniychuk, 2008. - 62 p.    - N.I. Burau "Non-stationary oscillations of nonlinear (piecewise-linear) systems". - Kirovograd: POLIMED-SERVICE, 2009. - 104 p.    - P.M. Bondar, Yu.V. Stepankovsky "Physical Foundations of Orientation and Navigation, Part II, Elements of the Theory of Gyroscopic Phenomena, Ch.III, Oscillations and Waves." - Kirovograd: POLIMED-SERVICE, 2009. - 204 p.