Information and measuring complex for monitoring the dynamics of objects

    The information-measuring complex of equipment "Spectrum-04" is developed on the chair of devices and systems of orientation and navigation of the National Technical University "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute".


    "Spectrum-04" is the new generation of information and measuring complex IUP-2M, which successfully carried out measurements at the "Shelter" facility at the Chornobyl NPP, the Great Livadia Palace (Yalta city) and others objects.


    Spectrum-04 has expanded functionality and is created with the use of modern digital computing devices, the latest advances in digital signal processing and time series analysis. "Spectrum-04" is based on the modular principle with the use of nodes and industrial production units, and functional capabilities are augmented by the use of additional sensors and software, which does not require additional costs and allows to reduce the time to conduct measurements and improve their quality.




    "Spectrum-04" is intended for:


    • & nbsp; remote automatic measurement of the three orthogonal axes of the change of angular position and vibration of buildings, structures, machines, mechanisms and elements of their designs;


    • & nbsp; determination of mechanical properties of elements of construction of parts as vibration measurement equipment of non-destructive testing;


    • & nbsp; measurement of microseismic oscillations in the area, caused by natural and man-made disturbances;


    • & nbsp; and my research and clarification of the nature of the dynamic processes in the facilities for the development of preventive protective measures.




    The hardware complex is executed in two versions: stationary and mobile . The complex includes: one-, two- and three-way sensors, made on precision accelerometers; and stack of food (for the mobile complex - autonomous), embedded or external ADC, (for mobile - external); computer (for mobile - laptop) and special software.

    Processing Methods and Algorithms

    Software allows you to evaluate the vibration characteristics and parameters with harmonic, pulse and random effects. In this case, the software includes the following elements:


    • & nbsp; algorithms of spectral analysis (fast, discrete Fourier transform) using different types of windows (Khan, Hemming, etc.);


    • & nbsp; modern methods of obtaining and visualizing spectra (Wagner's presentation, marginal Hill, Choi-Williams);


    • & nbsp; methods of correlation analysis and statistical processing (calculation of auto- and reciprocal correlation functions, power spectra, average, dispersions);


    • & nbsp; methods of linear and nonlinear digital filtering of signals;


    • & nbsp; Weighted-time analysis based on wavelet transform.               


    • & nbsp; Range of measurement of angles of inclination, deg10;

    •  Mean-square error of measurement of angle increase, angle.sec. 0.3;


    • & nbsp; Vibration measurement range, Hz 1 ... 120;


    • & nbsp; Sensitivity threshold of accelerometers, g ;


    • & nbsp; Range of measurement of linear accelerations (vibrations), m / s 2 250;


    • & nbsp; Strength output characteristics of current, mA with 2 / m 0,13;


    • & nbsp; Intensity of output characteristics of voltage, Su 2 / m 0,648;


    • & nbsp; Readiness time, no more than 30;


    - at negative temperatures 2 min.


    • & nbsp; Range of operating temperatures, - 40 ... + 60


    • & nbsp; Continuous operation time is not limited


    • & nbsp; power supply


    In the stationary mode 220V, 50 Hz

                 in mobile mode15 В