Intelligent Flight Information Processing System


    1. Brief summary of the development <
                    1.1. Scope: measuring technique; technical diagnostics and control of dynamic objects; Operation of aviation equipment.
                    1.2. In what conditions the use is most effective: Airborne information and diagnostic systems of aircraft              & nbsp; 1.3. The task solved by this development: a system is implemented that provides analysis of the parameters and characteristics of the flight information of channels of rotational speed, vibration measurement, temperature, fuel consumption, and the recording channel of all on-board negotiations for 10 hours. Recording is done   on solid state carriers.
                    1.4. Due to this the following task is solved: introduction of new information technologies for analysis   and processing information.
                    1.5. Technical solution: Modernization of existing on-board monitoring and diagnostic systems, or complete replacement for the developed system.
     2. Market Competitiveness: Competitive.
    3. Characteristics for advertising purposes: The new system will improve the efficiency of determining the parameters and characteristics of measured and controlled flight dynamics to ensure increased probability of determining the technical state of the engine at different operating modes, to prevent emergency situations and reduce maintenance and recovery costs of the engine.
    4. Stage of readiness: structure, algorithm and software - researched and developed 5. Protection of intellectual property rights: there is a patent for the method of determining the frequency of equipment rotation.
    6. Photo:

    Fig.1 The main window of the program

    Fig.2 The tab "Analysis"


    Fig. 3 The tab "Analysis"


    7. Commercialization scheme: 50:50.